What the F in “Weezy F.” Stands for (as explained by a Venn Diagram)

11 Mar , 2013  

Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr., best known as Lil Wayne, has given himself more nicknames than ancient Roman royalty. Rap Genius documents more than 50 of these names – as classic as Weezy F. and as obscure albeit respectable as Mr. I-Can’t-Make-An-Appointment.

Of those nicknames, Weezy F. stands alone in that he tells the listener over some fifteen songs the answer to “The Abbreviated F” riddle, and each answer is not what the “F” actually stands for. If you came across the question “What does the ‘F’ in ‘Weezy F.’ stand for?” on a standardized test, and all these names were listed, it’s the shitty multiple choice question where you know the answer is “all of the above” so you answer “all of the above” and it’s right but you get it wrong because “none of the above” is more right and now you won’t get into law school.

Anyway, this is the definitive list of all the things “F” is/ain’t. The going theory on Yahoo! Answers is that the “F” actually stands for any tense of “fuck.”

Rap is confusing, but so is life.

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