5 Aug , 2015  

There’s this theory on humor that a core facet of it is derived from seeing people being harmed and us being glad we aren’t the ones who’ve just suffered an injury. I hate to get all Freudian on your slapstick bit, but it does kind make sense. If behavior encourages one’s self not to be in harms way through both positive response to seeing someone else in pain + a community where those in pain are ostracized and mocked, it is only natural that such behavior would be self-propagating. This “us vs them” mentality would also explain why kids being knocked over is so funny– it is not so macabre that we associate it with the death of children (which is good) and the inherent futility of a toddler being smacked by a giant balloon only adds to the previously asserted notion of ridiculing clumsiness and the pain of others as a means of adding further internal incentives to not get hurt.

How about this guy? He get’s leveled. Now he knows you can’t be a little bitch in the paint.

Nobody calls a charge in the street.


Or this girl. Clearly the funniest concussion you’ll see all week!

What he gets for being born into a family with a broke ass above ground inflatable pool.

The quality on this one might suck, but you can almost hear the soft cartilage inside his face skin crunching as his tiny friend level’s his ass.

Talk about picking the wrong day to bring bricks to show and tell.

No context here, just pain. Pure, unbridled pain. Not shown: the shattered ulna sticking through her flesh.


At this point, its probably easier just to trade your kid in and get a new one.


This isn’t Dead Poets’ Society, get off the fucking chair.


More proof gun control laws won’t work


This is what should happen to every spoiled little shit who asks for a pony

The house is haunted by a ghost and he fucking hates little kids

I was gonna make a pun about “getting turnt” but I literally do not care at this point.


kid spinning



What GIF of a small child enduring pain was your favorite? Comment below, you heartless sociopath.


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