The Best Video Game Ending Ever

12 Aug , 2015  

If you were born after the year 2000, you’re spoiled as shit when it comes to video games. Video games used to be this weird magic trick where players suspended their disbelief for a few hours (or years) and accepted that miserable 16 bit graphics and impossible boob physics were real life. We watched terribly robotic cartoons fucking smash each others heads in AND WE LOVED IT.

jax endingrunning off cliff

Screw hyper-realism, this is a video game, not a goddam Hemingway novel. That’s why I believe that the Jax ending for Mortal Kombat 4 for the PS2 is the best/worst video game ending ever. It was their first jaunt into 3-d so the replayed movements and stock character imagery is golden. And what is he saying when he flies off the cliff? I have no fucking idea. Whatever he’s saying, they use the exact duplicate audio more than once- that’s how you know its good.

Here’s the entire video. Watch and enjoy.


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