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The 8 Fucking Worst Things That Can Kill You in Australia

13 Jul , 2015  


Australia is a beautiful place- it’s got beaches, great people, a shit ton of land, coral reefs dying at a terrifying rate, really, really expensive booze, and a fuck ton of shit that will straight up murder your ass between grilling shrimp barbies. You know why there’s never been a land war in Australia? Because […]


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Spring Breaks You Didn’t Think of by TERNPRO

24 Jan , 2014  

spring breaks you didn't think of by ternpro

I love to travel. I also love not spending thousands of dollars and days on a plane, flying to some exotic locale. So what I’m left with is my own country, and its not a bad one. Despite that every 20-something globetrotter who has backpacked across Europe will tell you, the United States has a […]

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