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Fantasy War League- Mock Draft

22 Jun , 2013  

Fantasy War League- Mock Draft If getting all my news through Facebook has taught me anything, it’s that global war is likely to break out any minute. Now, the opposing sides of this (final) conflict are likely to be based on a number of political, cultural, and strategic factors. Ugh. Yawnsville. So, since Fantasy Football […]

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Obama’s “Crazy”, “Sexy”, “Crazy Sexy”, Plan to Eliminate the Deficit.

19 Feb , 2013  

Obama’s “crazy”, “sexy”, “crazy sexy”, plan to eliminate the deficit.  President Barack Obama made rhetorical history at the notoriously useless State of the Union address last Tuesday, introducing an economic stimulus plan that will eliminate the deficit by St. Patrick’s Day and free the American people from imminent indentured servitude to China. Obama began the […]

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I’d Take a Vegan Burger… Hold the Natural Rights.

7 Feb , 2013  

So last week, I’m at this bar with some people I barely know, right? They’re talking amongst themselves (I might as well be eavesdropping), and it’s like, “I <3 Obama,” “I KNO RIGHT? My fam HATES me now LOL,” and finally devolves into “UGH right? We’re the best. Let’s talk about the moral rationale for […]

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