How Michael Jordan Really Stacks Up

18 Feb , 2013  

How Michael Jordan Really Stacks Up   As Michael Jordan turned 50 this weekend, talks of who the best basketball player ever was are rekindled. Personally, I am of the understanding that, while LeBron James may be the best player currently, he is not on the same echelon of overall greatness as His Airness. But […]

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Seattle’s Zombie Kings

25 Jan , 2013  

seattle's zombie kings

Oklahoman’s love the Thunder. Sonics fans hate Oklahomans. Sure that is a blanket statement, but from our point of view, it’s true. As fans we took a lot of flack from Sonics fans; Twitter jokes, Facebook posts, comments in online news stories. Hell, even Grantland’s Bill Simmons took to calling our team the “Zombie Sonics.” […]

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