The Harlem Shake

12 Feb , 2013  

  About a week ago a meme festered up through the scaly cracks of the internet. Our sources (reading the descriptions of videos on youtube) say that Filthy Frank first started the trend, but who knows. The Internet is a weird place and I want my piece of it. That being said, on behalf of […]

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Culture, Humor

5 Pope Memes I Made Waiting for Pizza.

12 Feb , 2013  

 5 Pope Memes I Made Waiting for Pizza. Today, February 11th, 2013, Pope Benedict XVI announced that, because his mind and body were no longer up to pontific snuff, he would be resigning from his position as God’s favorite mortal.  The interent was immediately filled with stories, and from the stories was begat memes. Here’s […]

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