Don’t Overlook Spring Breakers in 2013

28 Feb , 2013  

Don’t Overlook Spring Breakers in 2013 Disclaimer: I’ve been wrong about movies before. In the months approaching the opening of Cowboys Vs. Aliens I was convinced it was going to be a game changer, sending cinema towards an epic fad of movies with titles like “Pirates Fighting Vikings Fighting Martians”. Instead, I found myself disappointed […]

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Contextualizing The Folk Revival

15 Feb , 2013  

  In the midst of ethereal, electronic DJ’s, monumental, mash-up moguls, synth-heavy minimalists, whomping dub-steppers, and general mechanical music mania, lies the blaring, catchy, and ubiquitous folk revival. While many people seem to write off this genre as a hipster-induced fad or quick influx of stuck-in-your-head ephemeral ballads, there are several major factors that make […]

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