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An (Unfortunately Imaginary) Day in the Life of a House Husband

20 Feb , 2013  

  An (Unfortunately Imaginary) Day in the Life of a House Husband As anyone outside of Utah knows, the dynamic between men and women is changing. The traditional roles of men going to work and women maintaining the home are increasingly uncommon, with more and more women leaving the paths between the kitchen, bedroom, and […]

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Tweets of The Week! Week 6

17 Feb , 2013  

Tweets of The Week! Week 6 Here at Felix Exi, we take the utmost care to ensure that thoughtful and intelligent humor is fostered not only amongst our writers, but in the entire world. Because of that, we feel obligated to promote the best tweets and their respective owners via this weekly segment. Here are […]

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Ten Dolphin Obituaries

11 Feb , 2013  

Syndicated from the Atlantis Sun-Ocean World Daily.   Kik-Kik Kik-Kik died this Wednesday from wounds sustained during a routine excursion to the shady side of the Coral Reef, where the rough trade is. Kik-Kik was looking up and down at a rough, sturdy one when a sharp piece of coral punctured his skin, like a […]

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