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2Chainz: Cultural Icon and Satirist Extraordinaire

29 Jan , 2013  

I was driving to buy some rock salt from the gas station the other day (Michigan winters, am I right?) when “I’m Different”, by the revered and dignified music artist 2Chainz ,came on the radio. You’ve probably heard it- he says “I’m different” about 75 times and then talks about having sex and doing drugs […]

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Why The Lord of the Rings Films Are the Only Light In a Dark World

23 Jan , 2013  

Humanity is pretty doomed. I don’t need to explain why, right? Seeing as you’re already on the internet, I feel confident in assuming that I don’t need to go into it. Mankind is evil, greedy, stupid, etc, etc, etc. No argument with you there. If you need any convincing just look around. I’d suggest looking […]

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