Why We Burn Couches – Thoughts by a Michigan State Grad

16 Dec , 2013  

why we burn couches thoughts from a michigan state grad

Why We Burn Couches – Thoughts by a Michigan State Grad In April of 2008 I was eighteen years old and a freshman at Michigan State University. The movie 300 hadn’t been out for more than a year and a half and seemed to constantly be playing in every dorm room. That movie resonated with […]

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So Your Parents Are Visiting Your College Dorm…

30 Aug , 2013  

Hey, its Fall time and you know what that means? It means the general decay of nature, lots of taupe and burnt orange and, most importantly of all, millions of college students pilgrimage back to their respective places of education. And because of that, Felix Exi is taking some time to remind you what to […]

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Food with Couch Change: Baked Breaded Chicken

16 Feb , 2013  

Everyone loves a good crispy, breaded piece of chicken every now and then. Literally, I mean everyone. This is a surefire way to fix a super tasty, super healthy, and super delicious piece of white meat! Follow these few sneaky sneaks and this meal will become a staple for quick suppers and fancy dates.   […]

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Food with Couch Change: Baked Potato

8 Feb , 2013  

Food With Couch Change is a philosophy and a skill. The goal is to get by with what you have and maybe a little more pocket change from a kid you turned upside down and shook (shook with purpose but not too forcefully)*. This will allow you to eat like the rest of civilized society […]

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6 Ridiculous Meals that College Will Force You to Eat

30 Jan , 2013  


For many of us, college is our first introduction to all the utterly necessary bullshit that Mom and Dad were doing behind the scenes. Chief among the new responsibilities thrust upon newly minted adults is feeding one’s self. And while some food does in fact grow on trees, you still have to go find and […]

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