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21 Feb , 2013  

 JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE STOLE YOUR JOB It’s happening again. Another pop star is taking more than his fair share of jobs in this down economy by adding “Creative Director” to his resume. Just last week, Justin Timberlake was named Creative Director of Bud Light, news coming on the heels of Alicia Keys earning the same title […]

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Beck’s Beer and Beta Fish Bonanza!

7 Feb , 2013  

Last Sunday, over 100 million Americans sat down/passed out on their couch after shot-gunning 3/4th of a bottle of bottom shelf rum and watched the Super Bowl, arguably the most culturally significant televised event of the year. Some tuned-in to watch a unique physical specimen demand the attention and respect of the world, and others […]

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The Reinvention Of The Bar: The Stumbling Monk

22 Jan , 2013  

Sitting in a bar like The Stumbling Monk in the Capitol Hill district of Seattle—even on crowded, lines queuing down around the block, packed to the windows nights—gives one a sense of pastoral isolation. This is not a to suggest a lack of patrons, nor insinuate that the bar lies in a rural location, but […]

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