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Spring Breaks You Didn’t Think of by TERNPRO

24 Jan , 2014  

spring breaks you didn't think of by ternproI love to travel. I also love not spending thousands of dollars and days on a plane, flying to some exotic locale. So what I’m left with is my own country, and its not a bad one. Despite that every 20-something globetrotter who has backpacked across Europe will tell you, the United States has a lot of really cool destinations (and not just the ones you’re constantly hearing about). I’ve taken it upon myself to do some domestic traveling and wanted to share with you my favorite 10 spring break spots in the US that you probably didn’t think of. On top of that, our friends at TernPro, a cool new company that offers a service that rents out GoPro cameras and edits the video you take on your trip, were nice enough to sponsor the post. If you’re going on an adventure this spring and want to capture if through a headmounted HD camera, I really suggest you check them out.

cheap spring breaks chattanooga

1. Chattanooga, Tennessee

A few years ago I was driving down to Orlando from Detroit and stopped by Chattanooga. It’s a small town (pop just below 200k) on the Tennessee River that offers a ton of cool attractions. They’ve got a sick aquarium and lots of river rafting companies that will take you down the rapids. There’s even a new hostel in town that was better than 99% of the places I’ve ever stayed. Chattanooga gets overshadowed by Atlanta and Nashville, but really has a lot to offer, especially if you want to be in a smaller community where you’ll always know what’s going on.

cheap spring breaks wilmington north carolina

2. Wilmington, NC

Wilmington, North Carolina is a port city on the Cape Fear River and Atlantic Ocean. I was down there a few years ago and loved the city’s laid back atmosphere because I had heard there was a pretty cool surfing scene (spoiler alert: there is), but what really blew my mind was how beautiful the area was and how good the food was. Elijah’s has great drinks and light seafood, and Cape Fear Wine and Beer’s craft selection is pretty good, too. On top of that, the girls at UNC-Wilmington are babes, although I’m not sure if that sort of thing plays into your trip planning as much as it does mine.

new mexico city las cruces from the sky

3. Las Cruces, NM

I’m a bit biased because I unapologetically love the desert and I went to school at New Mexico State University. That being said Las Cruces still has a lot of unique stuff to offer. The sun always shines (literally, like 340 days out of the year), there’s the White Sands Missile Range where on July 16, 1945 the world changed with the explosion of the first atomic bomb. The explosion took place at Trinity Site which is on what is now White Sands Missile Range. Trinity is a national historic landmark which is open to the public twice a year (free on the first saturday in April and October), and Old Mesilla Village, which has some of the best Green Chili you’ll ever have. Watch out though, if you’re driving here from the east, the plains of north Texas and Oklahoma are incredibly boring to travel across.

a picture of detroit, its a great place to go on spring break

4. Detroit, MI

Again, a bit biased, because I now live here. Detroit might not be the best spring break spot given how cold it usually is in the spring here, but, if you’re in the mood for some great deals, it’s a probably worth the extra layer. Good food is cheap in Detroit. I mean, really cheap. Enter Green Dot Stables, for $15 you can get 4 cheeseburgers and 2 cocktails. How amazing is that? Or Cafe D’mongos, a bar that once poured me an entire cup of bourbon for $6. Click that link, it’s to their Facebook page and the main picture is one of the owner, Larry, in a fur coat. Don’t tell me you don’t like that. Also, you can routinely buy Red Wings tickets on StubHub for $10, which is another amazing deal.

cheap spring breaks denver

5. Denver

Do you like skiing or beer or drugs? Yes? To any of those? DENVER IS PERFECT FOR YOU. Add that to a growing urban (with jobs) population and you’ve got yourself a kick ass city. I don’t like to ski and I don’t smoke marijuana but I love beer and therefore loved Denver. When you’re there, check out Comedy Works for some laughs and The 1UP for malt liquor and video games.

go to sprng break in the us virgin islands

6. Charlotte Amalie, U.S. Virgin Islands

Maybe you did think of this, I don’t know. It’s not really a hidden gem so much as a “people don’t go there because they think a visa or something” gem. You don’t need a visa. All you really need is like $400 for airfare and the ability to find a cheap vacation rental unit on craigslist who has an off-week open. When you’re here, check out Barefoot Buddha, they have delicious sandwiches.Liquor is kinda pricy here, so, if you’re a US citizen, you potentially could UPS yourself a few fifths and save on taxes/airport security hassles. I’m not saying you should do this because it might be illegal where you live, but, like, I’m not a cop, man.

spring breaks you didn't think of a ship in a lagoon marshall islands

7. Marshall Islands

Okay, this one probably shouldn’t be on the list. I’ve never been there, it’s very expensive to get there, and I don’t really think there is much to do. There’s only like 70,000 people who live there, all of the land is coral atolls, and GDP per capita is under $3000, but jesus christ, is it beautiful. Like, here is a routine google image search. Tell me that isn’t gorgeous! I dare you! Also, given there’s so few people, I bet you could run into President Christopher Loek pretty easily and begin your meteoric rise to Marshallese power, that is, assuming the assuming global warming doesn’t cause the world’s oceans to rise any higher, swallowing the tiny island nation in one oceanic gulp.




This post was sponsored by TernPro. They’re an awesome service that rents out GoPro cameras and when you send them back with whatever footage you have from your trip, they edit it into an awesome adventure video.

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