The Modern Enigma Of Gatsby

1 Jun , 2013  

I first read Fitzgerald’s work, The Great Gatsby, when I was fifteen years old, in a sophomore English literature course. I enjoyed the novel, although, at the time I couldn’t have told you much more than that. It held all the necessary topical components that encouraged my enjoyment as a young man: booze, violence, women, […]

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Style & Self

FlyGrip Phone Accessory Review

7 May , 2013  

FlyGrip Review I am a big, stumbling oaf. One who often drops his phone. For the longest time I accepted this as an inevitable fact- as long as I owned a phone, intermittently, I would drop them. BUT THAT IS NO MORE FlyGrip has created an ingenius invention that not only allows you to (safely) wield any […]

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Should You Settle?

23 Apr , 2013  

Should You Settle? As little girls in this culture, we are raised to believe we deserve to be treated like princesses, or at least I was. I was ‘Daddy’s Princess’ my whole life. My mother let me watch Disney princess movies like The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty- you know what these movies […]

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Why I Know Nothing

16 Apr , 2013  

Lately, I’ve been thinking a fair amount about Socrates. Admittedly, I have not thoroughly studied the philosophy of Socrates. Admittedly, I know nothing. The last sentence is the one thing I believe I actually know. I also realize that is inherently contradictory. Socrates thought a lot about nothingness, and he asked a lot of pesky […]

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Travel & Food

How to Survive a Road Trip

6 Apr , 2013  

How to Survive a Road Trip On 8pm, Thursday March 28th, 2013 in West Orlando, just a few miles past Parramore Street, I was standing in the quickly darkening parking lot of a Publix grocery store. I was surrounded by 5 men maybe a year or two younger than me, decked out in skinny jeans […]

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Travel & Food

Frank’s Red Hot Pringles Chips Review

24 Mar , 2013  

Frank’s Red Hot Pringles Chips Review I only love a few things in this world- Frank’s Hot Sauce and Pringle’s happen to be two of them. So you know that, when I saw an ad for these “limited time only” junk food abominations, I had to go down to my local Wal-mart (ugh) and try […]

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Seriously Funny: The Truth About Knock-Knock Jokes

14 Mar , 2013  

We here at love Comedy. Read that sentence again, please, because it’s important that I didn’t say that we’re “in love” with comedy. By “in love”, I mean that phase of a relationship in which everything about them seems perfect and eternal. Romeo and Juliet were “in love”. The thing is, Romeo and Juliet […]


What the F in “Weezy F.” Stands for (as explained by a Venn Diagram)

11 Mar , 2013  

Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr., best known as Lil Wayne, has given himself more nicknames than ancient Roman royalty. Rap Genius documents more than 50 of these names – as classic as Weezy F. and as obscure albeit respectable as Mr. I-Can’t-Make-An-Appointment. Of those nicknames, Weezy F. stands alone in that he tells the listener over […]

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The Worst Thought I Ever Had

5 Mar , 2013  

If you ever happen to meet me in real life, you’ll probably notice two things, 1: I have a very particular smell about me, and 2: I think and say some pretty awful things. I could try and explain how it’s not my fault, about how I’m only kidding, and how I’m not actually a […]

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Culture, Humor, Travel & Food

How to Speak with an Australian Accent for American Dummies

4 Mar , 2013  

How to Speak with an Australian Accent for American Dummies I am not Australian. However, I have spoken to my Australian boyfriend everyday now for 222 days (equaling to approximately 7.29379 months), have just recently visited Australia for just over a month, got accepted for a working visa to move there, and listen to heaps, […]

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