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Pancakes vs Waffles

17 Jan , 2014  

Pancakes vs Waffles

  Sometimes men need to discuss things. Important things like “why is this better than that” or “which of these two fictional characters would win in a fight?”. That’s what Paul and Blake do. They talk about the stuff that needs to be talked about. Today they discuss Pancakes vs Waffles. Paul (pancakes) I’d like […]

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10 Assumptions I Will Make About You Based on the City You Are From

11 Jan , 2014  

The internet is seemingly omnipresent. It has connected me to the world but, at the same time, kept me chained to my room and its savory wifi. I’ve been able to get a brief taste of what people from all around the country are like without actually going to their respective cities to see how […]


The Hidden Sights That Prove We’re Real

19 Dec , 2013  

The Hidden Sights That Prove We're Real

I’ve always believed that looking at a posed photograph and seeing one’s unprepared facet in the mirror is a treat. It is a slice of intimacy and vulnerability, the complete opposite of what they wanted and, because of that, more real than they would usually be. Although their backside of their elbow and ribcage doesn’t […]

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Why We Burn Couches – Thoughts by a Michigan State Grad

16 Dec , 2013  

why we burn couches thoughts from a michigan state grad

Why We Burn Couches – Thoughts by a Michigan State Grad In April of 2008 I was eighteen years old and a freshman at Michigan State University. The movie 300 hadn’t been out for more than a year and a half and seemed to constantly be playing in every dorm room. That movie resonated with […]

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Is Our Universe Finite or Infinite: A Philosophical Discussion

3 Nov , 2013  

Is Our Universe Finite or Infinite: A Philosophical Discussion. So I want to get a little weird here. Just a little weird, like maybe how you act when no one is looking or maybe even better how you act when you’re not even watching yourself. I want to talk about space. About the stuff between […]

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So Your Parents Are Visiting Your College Dorm…

30 Aug , 2013  

Hey, its Fall time and you know what that means? It means the general decay of nature, lots of taupe and burnt orange and, most importantly of all, millions of college students pilgrimage back to their respective places of education. And because of that, Felix Exi is taking some time to remind you what to […]


Why I’m Afraid Of Amazon

21 Aug , 2013  

I have a confession. I’ve shopped at Amazon before. It wasn’t even that long ago, and I knew the ideological folly I was allowing myself to fall into. I instantly realized I had made a mistake. After receiving my confirmation email, I told my mom “I feel like a whore told me she had several […]

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Where the Animals Roam – Wild Times at The Electric Forest in Oceana County

3 Aug , 2013  

Where the Animals Roam – Wild Times at The Electric Forest in Oceana County Oceana county is a small wooded patch of land north of Muskegon on the west side of Michigan. For 51 weekends out of the year, not much happens here. The locals might scoff at that, citing their Asparagus Festival or the […]

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Fantasy War League- Mock Draft

22 Jun , 2013  

Fantasy War League- Mock Draft If getting all my news through Facebook has taught me anything, it’s that global war is likely to break out any minute. Now, the opposing sides of this (final) conflict are likely to be based on a number of political, cultural, and strategic factors. Ugh. Yawnsville. So, since Fantasy Football […]

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Palomino Pencil Review

5 Jun , 2013  

Palomino Pencil Review When writing, what you use is almost as important and how you use it. Just like you wouldn’t take out a pretty girl on a date driving a broken down 93 Toyota Celica, you wouldn’t want to write anything important with some two-bit dollar store pencil made from pirated Mongolian graphite and  plastic pseudo-wood. […]

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