Look at this Fucking Kayak that got Struck By Lighting

29 Jul , 2015  

melted kayak

Holy shit, look at this fucking melted kayak. Allegedly, this not utterly useless installation from the heavens above was struck by a goddam bolt of lightning. Can you imagine if you were on this when it got struck? No, you can’t, because no one can imagine being a charred corpse. You’d be dead as shit. […]


Look At This Fucking Guy Who Got Banned From Starbucks

27 Jul , 2015  

Some men just want to watch the world burn. Others watch douchebags illegally park in handicap spots and then calls them out when they walk into a Starbucks and buy a $5 cup of hot bean water. Rob Rowen from Tampa, FL is the second type and it got him booted from a fucking Starbucks, […]



Look At All These Fucking Unibrows

27 Jul , 2015  

Unibrows are kind of a rarity these days. But they weren’t always that way. In times of yore, almost everybody had a unibrow. That and polio. Anyways, here’s some pretty impressive Unibrows I thought you needed to see. Some of them come from fictional characters but, fuck it, once I hit publish it is no […]



Look At All These Fucking Mayflies.

24 Jul , 2015  

Sabula, Iowa is a shitty town in the eastern Iowa with a population of 568 people and a billion fucking mayflies. Mayflies, which are also known as Shadflies, Rhithrogena germanica, and Hedonistic Scourge of the Earth are a species of insect that mature, mate, and die in a period of 24 hours. I can only imagine how many […]


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Ernest Hemingway’s Communist Cabana

23 Jul , 2015  

Today marking Ernest Hemingway’s 116th birthday, I thing a blog post about where he used to live n Cuba is warranted. Despite tensions between the US and Cuba during his tenure at Casa del Hemingway, this is where the guayabera-loving author wrote For Whom the Bell Tolls, The Old Man and the Sea,  A Movable Feast, […]

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The 8 Fucking Worst Things That Can Kill You in Australia

13 Jul , 2015  


Australia is a beautiful place- it’s got beaches, great people, a shit ton of land, coral reefs dying at a terrifying rate, really, really expensive booze, and a fuck ton of shit that will straight up murder your ass between grilling shrimp barbies. You know why there’s never been a land war in Australia? Because […]


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Why is Baking Soda Good for You?

24 Mar , 2014  

baking soda does all the stuff it does because

I ran into an issue. I drink about 4 cups of coffee a day, drink a lot of diet coke, and will occasionally indulge in the celebratory cigar. As a result, after 20-odd years of life, my teeth have begun to lose their pearly luster (EGADS!). I’m not to the maggot-yellow meth addict level yet, […]

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7 Types of People at The Gym by AFX Socks

5 Mar , 2014  

7 types of people at the gym felix exi

This post was sponsored by AFX Socks. They sell great socks. I have 2 pair. The socks they sell have little toe sockets. I don’t know if that’s the official jargon, but that’s what they are. These are great because then your toes don’t rub together, freeing you from the oppressive reign of toe-blisters. If […]



Attila the Hun vs Emperor Nero

2 Mar , 2014  

nero vs attila the hun

Every once in a while Paul and I debate stuff. This time we’re debating who is more badass, Attila the Hun vs Emperor Nero. ATTILA THE HUN Most debates have two sides. This is not one of them. Attila the Hun was one of the greatest conquerors in recorded human history. Emperor Nero’s most famous […]


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Spring Breaks You Didn’t Think of by TERNPRO

24 Jan , 2014  

spring breaks you didn't think of by ternpro

I love to travel. I also love not spending thousands of dollars and days on a plane, flying to some exotic locale. So what I’m left with is my own country, and its not a bad one. Despite that every 20-something globetrotter who has backpacked across Europe will tell you, the United States has a […]

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