Why The Lord of the Rings Films Are the Only Light In a Dark World

23 Jan , 2013  

Humanity is pretty doomed. I don’t need to explain why, right? Seeing as you’re already on the internet, I feel confident in assuming that I don’t need to go into it. Mankind is evil, greedy, stupid, etc, etc, etc. No argument with you there. If you need any convincing just look around. I’d suggest looking […]

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Super Bowl Prediction: San Francisco 49ers Find Gold

22 Jan , 2013  

The title of this Article could be taken two different ways: one being the 49ers found Gold in Colin Kaepernick after he lead the 49ers to a Super Bowl for the first time in 18 years and two, the foreshadowing of the 49ers winning their first Super Bowl in 18 years.   Offense/Defense When Kaepernick […]


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The Reinvention Of The Bar: The Stumbling Monk

22 Jan , 2013  

Sitting in a bar like The Stumbling Monk in the Capitol Hill district of Seattle—even on crowded, lines queuing down around the block, packed to the windows nights—gives one a sense of pastoral isolation. This is not a to suggest a lack of patrons, nor insinuate that the bar lies in a rural location, but […]

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What Drug Store Customers Are Thinking, Based Solely On Their Purchases

21 Jan , 2013  

More than almost any other place, what you buy at a drug store gives whomever might be around a very intimate look into your life. Sometimes the conclusions we draw are….not all that complimentary. These are their stories, these are the thoughts of drug store customers based on their respective purchases. Lipitor, Blood Thinner, and […]


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How to End Up as a “Secret Virgin” in Your Early to Mid-Twenties

20 Jan , 2013  

Being a moderately to highly attractive female has its perks. Sure, you got out of that ticket, some rando is carrying your groceries to your door, and hey! Is that another free drink?—But no good deed goes unpunished and no matter who you’re gracing with your beauty, you could potentially still never get laid. People […]

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An Open Letter to America: Stop Trying to Make Nerds Cool

18 Jan , 2013  

There’s never been a better time to be a dweeb in this country. There’s no point arguing this issue anymore. The Big Bang Theory is one of the most popular sitcoms on television. Later this month, TBS is premiering a reality show called King of the Nerds where a group of slide rule toting protagonists […]

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The Definitive Guide to Buying a Girl a Drink

18 Jan , 2013  

    There are few things more important than knowing how to correctly buy a girl a drink. It is the romantic en garde, the initial exposure of potential interest, the foundation of what may possibly be a life that you and her spend together. And, because of that, you must take the utmost care […]

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Manti Te’o dated a fake girl for 8 months then killed her off: what this means for you.

17 Jan , 2013  

If you have a connection to the internet, you’ve heard about Manti Te’o and the insane level of commitment he invested in lying about his fake girlfriend (and her subsequent “death”). Last night, the twitterverse exploded, the blogosphere erupted, facebook was facebook; everyone had an opinion about the Notre Dame linebacker and the ridiculous fallacy he created, […]


Felix Exi

26 Jan , 2012