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21 Feb , 2013  

justin timberlake stole your job from


It’s happening again. Another pop star is taking more than his fair share of jobs in this down economy by adding “Creative Director” to his resume. Just last week, Justin Timberlake was named Creative Director of Bud Light, news coming on the heels of Alicia Keys earning the same title at Blackberry.

I know that in reality, this means very little. It’s just a title. There’s no way anyone at Blackberry expects the Empire State of Mind singer to head up tech-heavy board meetings and strategy sessions. You probably shouldn’t even expect her to do anything as damning as mass-firings in the wake of someone calling out her screechy, less-than-par rendition of The Star Spangled Banner a few weekends ago—but you absolutely can expect more rookie mistakes like that time she tweeted from her iPhone, Blackberry’s biggest competitor.

justin timberlake stole your job from



And I’m not just hating on Alicia, or Justin, or Will. I. Am. (Intel), or Lady Gaga (Polaroid).  I’m fully shaming the PR departments that think giving a guy who can’t even run a half-ass tequila company this job is beneficial to their consumers or brand.

Let’s take, for example, the most recent transgression: Naming 1/5th of N*Sync as an executive at Bud Light. More than likely, Bud Light will not see a monumental increase in sales based on this decision considering their target demographic is frat guys. But why JT?** The only person who benefits from this announcement is Justin Timberlake who likely made a big chunk of change for accepting a job title; A role that is legitimate and that people are getting paid a lot less to actually perform.

What kind of world do we live in where there are intelligent, qualified people who can’t get basic jobs. Okay, maybe being Creative Director of one of the world’s largest companies isn’t basic, but come on,  this guy had ramen noodle hair. His hair looked like something you can buy at the grocery store with pocket change, can his ideas really be that good?

justin timberlake stole your job


Publicity stunts are grand, but only when they have an effect greater than an eye-roll.

Perhaps to gain brand-loyalty, Bud Light could create jobs that stimulate the economy, and inspire consumers to drink beer out of celebration rather than misery. Maybe to increase brand awareness, Polaroid could innovate something for the first time in like 30 years rather than giving Lady Gaga another thing to pin to her crowded, tacky outfits.  Big brands have a responsibility to their consumers to market from a constructive place. It’s about time they got back to that.

**I get that he’s like Pixar in that everyone loves him, but come on, they missed the mark here.

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