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Frank’s Red Hot Pringles Chips Review

24 Mar , 2013  

Frank’s Red Hot Pringles Chips Review

I only love a few things in this world- Frank’s Hot Sauce and Pringle’s happen to be two of them. So you know that, when I saw an ad for these “limited time only” junk food abominations, I had to go down to my local Wal-mart (ugh) and try them out. I’m no stranger to promotional flavors of potato chips and these are no doubt a reaction to Lay’s who released their own Srircha flavored starchy treats a few months ago, but still, I got a little excited walking across the speckled tile floors, evading nameless war veterans in their hoveround power chairs and trying my best to not make eye contact with the 300 pound mumu wearing behemoth screaming at who I can only assume (hope?) to be her kids in the pastry aisle. I picked them up- they only cost $1.50 which is great because I had to buy some super glue to reattach the liner between my window and my car- and hopped back into my ride, never to come back to this place until whatever companies exclusive limited-time offer brings me in again. I got home, opened up the canister and, although I found their appearance a little off-putting (the chips kind of look like the skin of a pasty, white person who has rosacea), what I noticed immediately that the smelled just like Franks’s Red Hot Sauce. I’ve always preferred Frank’s to Srircha, it just seems to be a bit more satisfying, I hoped, looking down into the tube, that these chips would maintain suit. Upon eating the potato crisp, I was relieved to find that, indeed, these chips did taste just like Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. What I was especially pleased about these chips was that the taste of vinegar was especially present. If you took regular Salt and Vinegar chips and then powdered them with pulverized cayenne pepper, they would taste exactly like this i.e. delicious. My only complaint, and this is true for any flavor of Pringles, is that the canisters are too small for my hands and I routinely reach down into the cylinder, reaching for a salty treat, but instead am brutally confronted with my a stuck appendage, specifically my  hand, squeezed down into the Pringley abyss.

But that’s my fault, not the chips, and because of that, I give it 4.5 out of 5 pizzas, which is basically a perfect rating.

What did you think about these chips? Let me know in the comments as well as an more chips you want me to review.

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