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FlyGrip Phone Accessory Review

7 May , 2013  

FlyGrip Review

I am a big, stumbling oaf. One who often drops his phone. For the longest time I accepted this as an inevitable fact- as long as I owned a phone, intermittently, I would drop them.


FlyGrip has created an ingenius invention that not only allows you to (safely) wield any phone using a single hand. On the side of their box, they’ve written something to the tune of “you don’t know you need it until it is invented” and that rings especially true. What FlyGrip has done is create something that you didn’t know you need, even though you do. Believe me, once you try this out, you’ll be kicking yourself for every ruined screen and dinged case. On top of that, the grip also doubles as a kickstand so you can prop up your phone vertically or horizontally.

They cost $29.95, which might seem like a lot, but when you factor into account how much it costs to buy a new phone after you may or may not have been drinking too much and went to text your ex and (thankfully) dropped it, $29.95 isn’t so bad at all. When picking out your FLyGrip, you’ve got a few options- I opted for Black, but if being bold and mysterious isn’t your thing, you can get any number of colors or choose from the Bethany Hamilton collection. In case you don’t remember who Bethany Hamilton is, she’s the surfer who got her arm bit off by a shark i.e. someone who really would benefit from this product. The cool thing about the latter is that every purchase you from the Bethany Hamilton collection is that 25% will be donated to her foundation, Friends of Bethany, which supports shark attack survivors and traumatic amputees.


The Bottom Line:

Although I never thought I’d need an attachment on the back of my phone that keeps me from dropping my phone, that’s only because I didn’t know it existed. I think that the FlyGrip is a necessity for anyone who has a phone and is worried they might drop it. The fact that works as a portrait or landscape phone stand only adds to the allure.

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