Don’t Overlook Spring Breakers in 2013

28 Feb , 2013  

Don't Overlook Spring Breakers in 2013

Don’t Overlook Spring Breakers in 2013

Disclaimer: I’ve been wrong about movies before. In the months approaching the opening of Cowboys Vs. Aliens I was convinced it was going to be a game changer, sending cinema towards an epic fad of movies with titles like “Pirates Fighting Vikings Fighting Martians”. Instead, I found myself disappointed by a movie that went nowhere, lacking to fall on either end of the campy-cult to remarkably edgy spectrum, winding up smack dab in the middle as a dull and uninteresting film that caused all of my wine-imbued friends to fall asleep for the majority of the film. However, this time is different! Here are five solid reasons why Harmony Korine’s new joint Spring Breakers is going to be the clandestine film of 2013.


  1. Harmony Korine

Someone once asked me about what defines the epitome of a hipster? My response—the song “Julien Donkey Boy” by Bear Hands; i.e., a song by a little known indie band about an art-house film written and directed by Harmony Korine. He has written and directed a mirth of eerie, gritty, discomforting films that deal with controversial and disturbing subject matter, including Gummo, Julien Donkey Boy, and the much acclaimed Kids. Hence, Spring Breakers is guaranteed to be much more than some silly film about drinking and partying, and more likely an introspective look into the surrounding culture.


  1. James-Fucking-Franco

Not to be confused with Ani DiFranco…I did that once. Franco has proven his versatility and brilliance on screen, and is assuredly going to show off his acting chops as a cornrowed, cash-sign-neck-tattoo-toting, platinum-teeth-grinning, perpetual spring breaker known as Alien. Lately, this man can do no wrong—get excited for him to get weird.


  1. Tarnishing The Disney Persona

It might seem odd that this movie stars Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens, but how fun is it to watch them hit a bong, rob people, party, and perform general acts of debauchery on screen? I think we can all enjoy the transition from a “High School Musical” to “Fucked Up College Montage”.


  1. Music

The trailer for this film promises to feature music from Gucci Mane and Skrillex, meaning that in the theater you’re bound to get the club-jumping intensity of a filthy, alcohol-soaked discotheque. Oh, and Gucci Mane acts in the film too.


  1. It Opens During Spring Break!

The film debuts nationwide on March 22nd. What better way for all of us that don’t actually have a spring break to vicariously live out all of our inebriated, lusty, sunbathed hopes and dreams? Smuggle in a flask, wear your swim trunks and bikinis, sport sunglasses in the darkened theater, grind in the aisles, and spark the cinematic SB 2013 movement in a movie theater near you, bra.    


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