Yahoo Fantasy Football App Throwing Shade at LA Rams

16 Sep , 2016  

As if the LA Rams didn’t have enough on their plate- besides having the disservice of Jared Goff, they’ve got Yahoo Fantasy Football throwing mad shade at them…  


Week 2 Waiver Wire Pickups and Drops

12 Sep , 2016  

I made this video about my drops and pickups for week 2, but I figure I’d write them out, too.     My pickups for this week are as follows:   Theo Riddick – the Lions defense looks real bad (giving up 35 points to Luck) and a lot of teams are gonna be blitzing […]


David Johnson of the Cardinals played 58/61 snaps [image]

12 Sep , 2016  

Goddam, 95% of all plays on the field, only second to Fitz. This is gonna be a great year for Johnson, who showed some real versatility (per usual) against the Patriots in week one. They might not have come away with the Victory but this is def proof he was worth the first round pick.


Look at this Fucking Kayak that got Struck By Lighting

29 Jul , 2015  

melted kayak

Holy shit, look at this fucking melted kayak. Allegedly, this not utterly useless installation from the heavens above was struck by a goddam bolt of lightning. Can you imagine if you were on this when it got struck? No, you can’t, because no one can imagine being a charred corpse. You’d be dead as shit. […]


How Michael Jordan Really Stacks Up

18 Feb , 2013  

How Michael Jordan Really Stacks Up   As Michael Jordan turned 50 this weekend, talks of who the best basketball player ever was are rekindled. Personally, I am of the understanding that, while LeBron James may be the best player currently, he is not on the same echelon of overall greatness as His Airness. But […]

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If They Don’t Care, Why Should I?

1 Feb , 2013  

Photo From

One of the biggest accolades a player can receive is an All Star Vote: this vote deems them qualified and skilled enough to play alongside the best players in the league. Yes, it’s great to see your team win but, in the event you root for a team like the Detroit Lions and wins don’t […]

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Seattle’s Zombie Kings

25 Jan , 2013  

seattle's zombie kings

Oklahoman’s love the Thunder. Sonics fans hate Oklahomans. Sure that is a blanket statement, but from our point of view, it’s true. As fans we took a lot of flack from Sonics fans; Twitter jokes, Facebook posts, comments in online news stories. Hell, even Grantland’s Bill Simmons took to calling our team the “Zombie Sonics.” […]

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Super Bowl Prediction: San Francisco 49ers Find Gold

22 Jan , 2013  

The title of this Article could be taken two different ways: one being the 49ers found Gold in Colin Kaepernick after he lead the 49ers to a Super Bowl for the first time in 18 years and two, the foreshadowing of the 49ers winning their first Super Bowl in 18 years.   Offense/Defense When Kaepernick […]