The 8 types of Procrastinators

6 Aug , 2015  

Procrastination is an epidemic in today’s modern society– its putrid tentacles can be seen pervasively worming throughout the minds of young and old. Speaking of that, calamari sounds great right now. I think Don Chi is having half-off apps for happy hour. It’s a really good deal.   I can always finish this later.



5 Aug , 2015  

There’s this theory on humor that a core facet of it is derived from seeing people being harmed and us being glad we aren’t the ones who’ve just suffered an injury. I hate to get all Freudian on your slapstick bit, but it does kind make sense. If behavior encourages one’s self not to be […]



Look At All These Fucking Unibrows

27 Jul , 2015  

Unibrows are kind of a rarity these days. But they weren’t always that way. In times of yore, almost everybody had a unibrow. That and polio. Anyways, here’s some pretty impressive Unibrows I thought you needed to see. Some of them come from fictional characters but, fuck it, once I hit publish it is no […]



7 Types of People at The Gym by AFX Socks

5 Mar , 2014  

7 types of people at the gym felix exi

This post was sponsored by AFX Socks. They sell great socks. I have 2 pair. The socks they sell have little toe sockets. I don’t know if that’s the official jargon, but that’s what they are. These are great because then your toes don’t rub together, freeing you from the oppressive reign of toe-blisters. If […]



Attila the Hun vs Emperor Nero

2 Mar , 2014  

nero vs attila the hun

Every once in a while Paul and I debate stuff. This time we’re debating who is more badass, Attila the Hun vs Emperor Nero. ATTILA THE HUN Most debates have two sides. This is not one of them. Attila the Hun was one of the greatest conquerors in recorded human history. Emperor Nero’s most famous […]



10 Assumptions I Will Make About You Based on the City You Are From

11 Jan , 2014  

The internet is seemingly omnipresent. It has connected me to the world but, at the same time, kept me chained to my room and its savory wifi. I’ve been able to get a brief taste of what people from all around the country are like without actually going to their respective cities to see how […]

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Fantasy War League- Mock Draft

22 Jun , 2013  

Fantasy War League- Mock Draft If getting all my news through Facebook has taught me anything, it’s that global war is likely to break out any minute. Now, the opposing sides of this (final) conflict are likely to be based on a number of political, cultural, and strategic factors. Ugh. Yawnsville. So, since Fantasy Football […]

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The Worst Thought I Ever Had

5 Mar , 2013  

If you ever happen to meet me in real life, you’ll probably notice two things, 1: I have a very particular smell about me, and 2: I think and say some pretty awful things. I could try and explain how it’s not my fault, about how I’m only kidding, and how I’m not actually a […]

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How to Speak with an Australian Accent for American Dummies

4 Mar , 2013  

How to Speak with an Australian Accent for American Dummies I am not Australian. However, I have spoken to my Australian boyfriend everyday now for 222 days (equaling to approximately 7.29379 months), have just recently visited Australia for just over a month, got accepted for a working visa to move there, and listen to heaps, […]

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25 Feb , 2013  

FELIX EXI TWEETS OF THE WEEK! WEEK 7, 2013 Here at Felix Exi, we take the utmost care to ensure that thoughtful and intelligent humor is fostered not only amongst our writers, but in the entire world. Because of that, we feel obligated to promote the best tweets and their respective owners via this weekly […]

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