App Review: iMadeFace

13 Feb , 2013  

App Review: iMadeFace


App Review: iMadeFace

Every once in a while, the internet creates something that changes society for the better- something that leaves such a positive impact that its benefits ripple throughout the world, injecting benevolence into the lives of even the most destitute. And then sometimes people make apps that let you look like a Roy Lichtenstein character and everyone downloads it and changes their profile picture to a vector art image that kinda-sorta looks like them for a few days until they realize that it actually doesn’t look like them at all and they’ve just succumbed to the most recent memefad. The new app, iMadeFace, is what I’m talking about.


The app is pretty straight-forward, you scroll through a few features, swiping left to right to swap out mouths: eyes, hair style, face shape, etc., and can drag your finger across the screen up or down to make the color different. There’s more than 1000 possible make ups, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that there is a big variance in possible looks- basically this app has three realistic outcomes: white person, stereotypical asian, and black guy.


App Review: iMadeFaceApp Review: iMadeFaceApp Review: iMadeFace


See what I mean? The worst example is when you’re trying to make someone of the darker persuasion. If you’re black, you’d better have cornrows, or else this app isn’t for you. I don’t care if you’re a woman, I don’t care if you think they make you look like R.Kelly, according to iMadeFace, if you’re black, you’ve got cornrows. They’re even so sure of this they give you two options for the tight braids. I’m not saying that this is racist or even really ignorant, but, come on guys, would it kill you to make an afro setting or maybe even a jheri curl? I’m white and I’ve always wanted to know what I would look like with a jheri curl.


Really, for most people who download it, this app is going to give you what you want. A few minutes of fun where you can play around with cartoony images that kind of look like you (minus the asymmetry) and the forget about it until you go through it a year from now and delete all the worthless apps you’ve accrued in the past 12 months that once brought you ephemeral joy. I can’t really say this app is bad, given that it succeeds in what it set out to do, however I can say that what it said out to do what pretty feckless and trite. And for that, I give this app



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