12 Awesome Chemical Reaction GIFS

29 Jul , 2015  

If there’s 2 things I love, its GIFS and chemistry. There are more things I love, but those two are definitely on the list. I don’t love chemistry enough to actually “learn” any of it, but I do love it enough to mindlessly search through GIFs, trying to find explosions and possible maimings. And, so I present to you, 12 awesome chemistry GIFS, starting off with a high school teacher who probably is no longer employed:

chemical reaction

What’s messed up is he’s not even a chemistry teacher, he just hates his job

chemical reaction

Spontaneous alignment and surface tension based droplet sorting.

Laminar Flow. It’s a Kendrick Lamar Single.

Nerds don’t need to buy lava lamps, they can make their own with a solvent and a bucket of ice.

pits of hell

Burning Ammonium Dichromate with a surprise inside or unleashing a gate to Hell? You decide.







Hydogel beads in colored water. And after.

chemical reaction

The second GIF is him pulling out a bloody nub.

chemical reaction

we ran out of wires so we used a goddam pencil to carry this electrical current

G6Uuhca - Imgur

Here is a match head lighting. We use it when explaining the importance of using condoms to teenage boys.

chemical reactions

Glass Putty. I really was expecting his hand to be filled with chards when he dug his grubby little finger in.

chemical reaction

This is the Lithium in a battery reacting with air. So stop bitching about not being able to ship cell phone via post.

chemical rea

This is a water droplet turning to ice. Also what my soul looked like upon entering High School.

So there it is. 12 of them. I am, no doubt, going to do this again, so keep checking back to see what is posted next or, better yet, post your favorite chemistry GIF in the comments section.

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